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Camelot - The Muny

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Matt Kunkel


Beth Crandall

Scenic Design:

Ann Beyersdorfer

Costume Design:

Tristan Raines

Wig/Hair Design:

Tommy Kurzman

Lighting Design:

Shelby Loera

Video Design: 

Kylee Loera

**Photos by Julie Merkle and Phillip Hamer Photography

"The cinematic leather-and-lace look is another important aspect, and Tristan Raines' costume design has elements of Game of Thrones, Mad Max, boyband outfits, and dance-wear combined for a vivid tableau. He has dispensed with tights and armor, and given serious thought to more summer friendly garb."

"One of the merriest high points is "the Lusty Month of May" ensemble number, bursting with bright colors and a magical transformation, showcasing the creative minds of Raines, costuming his sixth show at the Muny..."

"Tristan Raines’s costumes are an eclectic mixture of historical, contemporary, and fanciful designs."

"Striking costumes by Tristan Raines that blend elements of Medieval style with more modern rock-inspired looks that feature a lot of leather jackets and chains for the knights, along with more modern suits and dresses for Arthur and Guinevere."

"Tristan Raines deserves special recognition for costume design. Instead of dressing the king in heavy robes and tights, King Arthur wears a gold lame' suit and tie for formal events. Guinevere wears pretty dresses and lingerie. The knights also wear sparkly suits and ties. The revelers (Usually known as the ensemble) rock black leather and studs. At times, when they have set changing duties, they wear ordinary street clothes. It all adds a youthful freshness to a show that is six decades old. "

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