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Sound of Music- The Muny

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Matt Kunkel


Beth Crandall

Scenic Design:

Paige Hathoway

Costume Design:

Tristan Raines

Wig/Hair Design:

Kaitie adams

Lighting Design:

Shelby Loera

Projection Design: 

Caite Hevner

"The show has a highly polished look thanks to designers Paige Hathaway (scenic), Tristan Raines (costumes), Shelby Loera (lighting), and Caite Hevner (video)....Another special moment occurs in Act 1 when Maria’s clothes seem to change by themselves as she walks away from the abbey."

"Costumes were designed by Tristan Raines, a familiar fashionista at the Muny, and the wedding scene finery was a standout." 

"Tristan Raines’ costumes strategically delineate between the sumptuous outfits for lsa Schraeder and the simple attire for Maria and the plaid suits favored by Max."

"Tristan Raines’ costumes are also in keeping with the non-comic book look of the show, although in honesty one cannot help but be taken by Max Detweiler’s clothing, a symphony in plaid."

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